Welcome to Faerie Rose Press

Hello and welcome to Faerie Rose Press! Where to begin? Well the beginning of course, writing has always been a passion of mine and I’ve been working on my debut novel, The Raven Prophecy, for the last thirteen years. You may think that is a long time to be working on a novel, but first when the initial idea came for the novel I was just starting college, and I graduated college. Then to continue on that I started my career and then I found a new love, which has been raising alpacas and llamas. But I have always stuck with writing this novel. This novel has been a passion, an obsession, and a love for the last thirteen years.

My goals are to one finish and complete this novel. I should say not just to finish and complete the novel but to also publish my novel. Now I know that you must be thinking that I’m crazy for sticking to this novel for the last thirteen years, but you must understand that as a writer, you have to be dedicated to your story, and I’m totally 100% dedicated to this novel.

Furthermore, in being dedicated to writing this novel, I also came up with a publishing company to publish my book. Yes, Faerie Rose Press. The reason for the name is one that I’m a fantasy fiction writer. I love fantasy and I thought that the press would also show that it is a fantasy publishing company as well as in the slogan: Where stories are not just writen for Faeries.

Overall, I hope on this site that I can show my love for writing as well as let you know how my novel is going. I also hope to share my knowledge with other writers that have aspiring dreams of writing and publishing their own works of writing.

I hope that this introduction was informative, but if you want to know more, comment or send a notification that you want to make contact.

Until then good night!

Escapism when things go Dark

sadfaerieLet’s admit it there are things that can get to be overwhelming when it comes to writing. The information, the advice, the different ways to go about writing a story, the different items that impact us as writers, and our brains going in so many different directions that we just want to yell, “stop!” This a chance for us to discuss what to do when writing becomes too much. This is not the same as writer’s block, oh no, this is when we can’t take the world and what is going on all at the same time.

My first piece of advice, is take a break. There, I said it, take a break. Now, I’m not saying don’t write but what I’m saying is take a break from the world. Turn off the Internet, and go somewhere where the world will not impact you or be on your mind for a few hours. Don’t worry, the world will still be there when you get back but take that time to focus on yourself and your craft.

When the events of September 11 were unfolding, many folks took being away from the television sets and the news coverage for a few hours. They took to going to the mountains, to reflect on what is still good in this world, even if the people in it are not so good. I remember that weekend, my family and I got into the car and we went up to Echo Lake in Colorado. While we were there, no one spoke of the event even though, every one knew what happened during the past week. Why was it not spoken of? The answer is simple, because people went to the mountains to escape the reality of what had occurred that horrific morning.

So sometimes we just need to take the escape from the world so that we are able to hone in on our craft. To say the world is fine without me for a few hours so that I can focus on the things that I care about.

Another time that we may need this escape is when we are mourning the loss of a dear loved one. Last Saturday, I lost the first female alpaca that I ever owned. To say that this week was hard, would be an understatement. The other day, if you noticed I posted up four posts, while I focused on working and writing those posts, I was in a way escaping from the thought of her passing. But then there were still points when I would think about her and I would cry.

I knew that she was in pain for she didn’t cry out loud but she quietly cried tears to show how much she was hurting. After taking her to the vet and getting the results, I made the decision that was best for her, and that was to have her put down. In the coming days, I kept asking why and what could I have done to help her. But after getting the preliminary results from the vet, there was nothing that I could do to help her for she was too far gone. She just didn’t show it until the end.

I even went to a physic for help on the matter, and I while I gained new information from the session there are still things that I want to know. This is the first alpaca that I have ever had to put down, and it was the first animal/pet that I have made the decision to help them end their suffering. Even though, her pain has been ended for her, I’m in pain for the hurt runs deep. I made a selfless choice to help her, and that should be the end of it but it is not for I want answers. In searching for those answers and dealing with the grief of her loss, I too need to escape.

Being a writer, should mean that I can put that loss into words. But I really can’t for it has not yet been a week since she has passed on to the next level of life. While I think of her and how she should be – healthy and in the pasture with others – I can only say if she was here she would be in pain, and want to live with that every day for the rest of her life.

So right now, I’m finding an escape from dealing with her loss, and that is to write. I’ve thought about The Raven Prophecy, Ravages of Time, The Zodiac Tower, and other works of fiction that I have on the back burner and I think that maybe her passing is a driving force to get things completed. But in the end when I’m not writing, I’m thinking of her and how much I want her back.

The hurt runs deeper than I ever thought possible, and there is no escaping the pain of her death.

Sorry, if this not the sort of positive ending for this post, but not every thing is happy, and rosy. But also think of those that are held captive, they have no escape from that reality for they face it every day until either their death or they rescued. Even then, there is no escaping them from that either not for a long time. I guess that is also fascinating for us writers, is that when something dark happens in our world, our view on the world becomes dark and sad like a darkened forest that we cannot get out until something new comes into our world to make us see that life is supposed to be happy, rosy and above all things something that we shouldn’t have to escape from.

While this may not be a helpful post, I still hope that you have a great writing day!

Writing Tip: School Supply Shopping

pencilsLet’s all face it at one point, we were students and we hated school supply shopping, because it meant the end of the summer and the start of another grueling year at school. But as a writer, I must profess that I have love school supply shopping. Why? The answer is simple, we can look at all the pens, pencils, notebooks, and all the other supplies that we need as writers.

Let’s all face it, this is the time of year, when the office supply stories make their money. School supply shopping is their Christmas season. Granted, I’ve bought a few notebooks this season and a backpack. But the key is that we as writers, we don’t have to go expensive, we can save money by looking for the good deals on pens, pencils, notebooks, paper, and anything else that we might need.

Just like the moms are looking for those deals, we as writers can also take advantage of those same great deals, and that is not so bad either. We can write and save money at the same time. While as helping others this season, by giving back and donating to local school supply drives and you don’t have to spend much either, but make it enough to where you feel that you are giving back to the community.

This is also like our Christmas when it comes to getting the supplies that we might want to have on hand for Nanowrimo, which is like three months away!!! Remember, we still have time before Nanowrimo, but we still cannot wait for it come about. But we can also have quite a bit of supplies, and who says that writers cannot have enough notebooks.

The End of a Legacy…The Originals

theoriginalsLast week The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals came to an end on the CW network. While I was not a fan of the original series, I was a fan of The Originals. The story focused on the Mikaelson clan, who were the original vampires of New Orleans. Granted, this story was more than just being about vampires for it had mortals, werewolf, and witches. I enjoyed this show for the rich element of the story telling, the dialogue, and the characters. While there are those, that are going to say, “Really, like we needed another vampire story.” I would say, “Sure for not every vampire story is like Twilight or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

I would never throw Buffy and it’s spin-off Angel under the bus, for I was a huge fan of both of these shows. While Twilight has taken it’s own heat for several things, I’m not going to do that either, for the prime focus is to talk about The Originals. The Originals was more than just being about vampires or werewolves or even magic, it’s about family.

The legacy of keeping family together, even when the fights were ugly and tough. It was about sticking together and to keep the promise of always and forever going no matter what. The show was not the only draw, but there was also the season teasers that were shown at San Diego’s Comic Cons. They had the best music and while they showed scenes from past seasons but they got you caught up in the story and made you want for that next season to start again sooner rather than later.

But the one shining light that The Originals have come to an end, is that we are given an other spin-off from the Vampire Diaries, and that is Legacies. The trailer shows us that we are taken of the magic school known as the Salvator School of the Young and Gifted. While I can’t wait to see the big draw of this drama. However, the one thing that is still upsetting is the ending of The Originals.

While this show was not always about happy endings, but we it expected it for these characters, so that the shows words could last long. Always and Forever is not as what it seems since two of the show’s characters were killed in the end. Not to give anything away but it left viewers wondering, what? how? why? Granted, as some of the cast put it the series, while it lasted five years showcased the end of the Mikaelson family and the start of the next generation. While, we lost a lot of characters through out the show, it was just enough to hope that the characters are at peace and maybe their legacy is what drives the force that comes with always and forever and that could be the driving force for Legacies.

Movie Review: Mission Impossible: Fallout

missionimpossiblefalloutThe second movie that I’m going to review is Mission Impossible: Fallout. Yes, Tom Cruise is at it again as IMF agent, Ethan Hunt. I have seen most of the Mission Impossible films, and I must say that this one is one of the best. This post contains spoilers so just be warned if you have not seen this film yet.

I know that I have not mentioned it before, I’m a huge spy film fan. James Bond, Mission Impossible, and I know that there are few others that I can not think of off the top of my head. 

Getting back to the film, we basically pick up from where the last film left off and that is where the IMF is in full swing, Ethan Hunt and his team are no longer disavowed from the agency, let alone the CIA. They are thrown into regaining into their possession plutonium cores that could be used to create a nuclear weapon. As Ethan works to regain the plutonium, Luther is taken hostage by a clone agency of the Syndicate known as the Apostles. In his typical fashion he tries to save his friends over the mission.

Luther is saved and the plutonium is stolen, and this leaves Luther to have a large amount of guilt about the plutonium getting out in the open. But he stays true to task just like Ethan as they work to take down the Apostles and to get the plutonium back. While we are thrown into this action-pack film, we also see new insights into the character of Ethan, such as he would never kill a police offer, even while trying to escape out of France while he is on the run.

We are shown again that Ethan has such great depth to his emotions and this film such a story for it is not all about the action taking over the film. The chases are great to watch as you fear that Ethan could get caught or killed before the film is not even ended. While I watched this film, there were a couple of times when I placed my hands over my mouth as I said, “Oh no!!” But in the end, we got Ethan and his team saving the world and completing their mission.

This film was a great summer film, for it shows we get the big block busters in the summer, while we wait for the films that will be nominated for the awards and before we have the next season of television series to blow us away and to keep us entertained for months on end.

If you enjoy spy films, this movie is for you. Granted, you don’t have to be a Tom Cruise fan to enjoy his acting. This film also serves to show that the franchise still has a fan base and it is one of the best of the franchise so far. I hope that they make another.

I’m giving this film five cars out of five.

 Movie Review: Christopher Robin

christopherrobinThe first movie that I want to discuss is Disney’s Christopher Robin. There are several things about this movie that I want to share with all of you. While we all know the character of Christoper Robin from the Winnie the Pooh series of films, books and shorts. If you haven’t seen this film yet, then this post will contain spoilers. 

The film picks up where the original Winnie the Pooh adventures ends, when Christopher has to leave the Hundred Acre woods and he is talking to Pooh about doing nothing. It’s a sweet moment in the film, in that this is the start of film. The film then goes from flashing to Christopher dealing with being school while missing about Pooh. Then we are flashed to the Hundred Acre wood, where Pooh is much like a lost child trying to understand why Christopher Robin is not there. Then we are shown this through several moments in Christopher’s life, such as when his father dies, when he meets his wife and then World War II. Then lastly when he starts his career.

This is when we really see that Christopher is all about all work and no play. This in effect makes him as a parent pass on the same thing. No more playing and enjoying times in the Hundred Acre Woods with Pooh. That is until Pooh shows up and insists that Christopher Robin has not changed, even though the language that he uses has changed but it has not phased Pooh at all for he knows deep down that the same boy that he used to play with is deep inside.

Then Christopher Robin is thrust back into the Hundred Acre Woods when he has to take Pooh back there for he does not belong in London. Along the way, Christopher is questioned by Pooh on how what is important to Christopher and if his daughter is happy. Christopher answers with only guesses for he does not know what his daughter really wants in life. This realization is shown a couple of times, such as when his daughter finds his boyhood things and writes him a letter along with a sample of his drawings with Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and the others from the Hundred Acre Woods. The letter simply says, “I never knew that you could draw so well.”

This also switches when Christopher’s daughter is talking to Pooh and Pooh throws out some clever things, and when she asks, “who said that?” Pooh would reply, “Christopher Robin.” The daughter goes back to the usual response, “That couldn’t be for that is not the Christopher Robin that I know.”

The film ends with Christopher finding his way to find the balance that he needed in his life between work and play.

This will was very well done, but while it is marketed as a children’s film, I would say that this is more of an adult film. Themes in the movie and some of the dialog go often times over a child’s head. Granted, the animation for Pooh and the other characters get the children’s attentions very quickly but for everything else this film is more adult than child.

I enjoyed this film for it was nice change of pace from other films that have been put out lately this summer. Now granted while I was watching this film, my mind was quickly thrown to Charles Dickens’s book Hard Times. Yes, the book was boring but if it was paired with this movie it wouldn’t be such a snooze fest. If you have yet to read it, I would suggest that you read it for it very much paints the world as there are those that been given the chance to use their imagination and those that have not. I would say that this book should be read as a follow-up to watching the film.

I’m giving this movie five honey pots out of five. This film will be a classic for years to come.

More on the topic of Research

Happy Sunday everyone! Yes, the full moon is happening right now, but depending on where you are at Mars is also visible. Yes, the planet Mars. But all of that aside let’s talk about something that is a bit different on the subject of writing.

Today’s topic is about research. We are told that when we are working out projects, that we all need to do some research. This means reading and sometimes taking notes. But what if you are writing fantasy, do you still need to do research?

Some people would say yes, and I would have to agree although it is not the same amount of research that goes into some other genres of fiction. When we research for writing fantasy, we should be researching magical creatures. What type of world are building, the society that our characters live in. The rules that they must abide by.  It’s more of a soul journey in our research than anything else.

Now when doing the research for our projects, the best suggestion that I have for keeping the notes in one spot is to get a notebook, spiral or otherwise and put all of your notes in there. Then anytime that you need to reference something it is in that notebook. You can later add taps and things so that you can mark where the important information is that you need to find quickly.

Does this mean that if you are a panser that you have to give that up for the sake of research? No, it just means that if you want to be a smart writer then you have to put a little bit research into your process. Granted, if you are plotter then doing research is already right up your alley for you have everything outlined and you’ve added where the research is going to come in handy and such.

Granted, most writing guide books talk about research but they don’t go into what genres should really focus on research and which ones that you can sort of wing it. That is bad in my opinion for if an aspiring writer wants to go somewhere with their writing career then they should be given more guidance than just plain statements like, “go out and do research.” That does not go over what sort of research should be done or where writers should go to for obtaining the information that they need for their novel.

Here is a list of sources that I find helpful:

  • Movies
  • Television Shows (ie Documentaries)
  • Historical books – non fiction
  • Writing guides on your genre
  • Places and things

Your list may be different from mine, but you can add to it for whatever works for you. I hope that as always you find this helpful during your writing. Have a wonderful writing day!

One Author’s Problems and Some Insights

This morning while I was wondering around on Facebook, I came across a post from a fellow writer, who was beating himself up for mistakes that he had made with his first publication and this goes beyond spelling errors. The mistakes that he mentioned were items such as the subject matter of the book, when he was querying it out to agents and publishers the letter and everything that went into it sucked. He admitted that he when he self-published it he picked the wrong categories and his synopsis wasn’t right. He also admitted that he wrote on a subject matter that a lot of people don’t know about or don’t have an interest in.

Alright, so if you came across this post then you would think that he is being too hard on himself and the phrase “poor baby” might come to mind as well. But let’s look at it as we have all been there. We have beaten ourselves up for the mistakes that we have made and should know better. Here is the thing, I know that I’ve beaten myself up for mistakes that I have made in my writing. Mistakes that I know that I should have corrected but didn’t because I didn’t catch them.

Granted, let’s also face something that most of us writers the first time, we go into publishing we don’t know all the nuts and bolts that go into it. But that is part of learning and growing when we do find those nuts and bolts and see how they all fit together. There are a lot of things that this writer didn’t do with his first manuscript like get someone to edit for him before he just published. He didn’t market the manuscript so that others that might be interested in the subject could find it and take an interest to read it.

But here are somethings that I picked up from last week’s conference on traditional publishers, that I want to share with all of you and this goes back to our writer friend and his manuscript when it wasn’t picked up by these publishers. Well, first start with the writer before taking in the manuscript. First of all having followers on social media is everything. If you don’t have a following then you are not very likely to be picked up my a traditional publisher. The why is easy and that is because you cannot connect with an audience then they will have a hard time finding one for you. The second thing, is that if you are not a celebrity then a traditional publisher won’t pick you up either. This where the publishers are making their money. It’s not from writers like you and me, it’s from the celebrities. The why is also easy because they already have a following from the products that they sponsor, the movies and television shows that they are in and the huge following that they have on social media and the media events that they attend.

This is one of the biggest reasons why every year traditional publishers, publish and market so many books that are written by celebrities. Now granted the number one best-selling book right now is co-written by Bill Clinton and James Patterson. While most look at the cover and say good for them. There are others, that say Bill Clinton is using the fame that comes with James Patterson for this book. Now granted, Bill Clinton could have written the book by himself and it would have done fine. But it wouldn’t be fiction and that was what Bill Clinton wanted to put out there. Remember most books written by celebrities are under the genre of memoir or creative non-fiction. So then in order for it to succeed then the publisher needed to pull someone in like James Patterson to make a success. Well, it worked for it is number one on Amazon and the New York Times best selling list for fiction.

Here is the other piece about traditional publishing, if the subject that you are writing does not have a huge interest then it will not be likely to be picked up either. The traditional publishers are geared towards getting big numbers and getting readers to flock towards those books that are new. Granted, just as we have a hard time gaining those readers to take an interest in us as first time authors, they do too. The why is not hard to see for it all comes from readers and other consumers are loyal to things that they previously know and that includes authors that they have read before.

But here is another tidbit that I gained, and that is that if you are seeking the attention of that traditional publisher, then you also need to keep up with those trends. If you are writing a story and your main character is male then you are going to have a hard time to get picked up, because thanks to the success of The Hunger Games, female main characters are in and they are making money for the publishers. But the other piece of this is also if you get rejected for the story having a male main character, the tide will change sooner or later and then your story might get picked up.

So even if you get rejected by an agent for a publisher, just keep in mind that your story might not be right for the publisher at this time, or what you have in mind is not right for the agent that you are querying. This were doing your homework is key if you want to get picked up by an agent or even by a traditional publisher. Furthermore, traditional publishers have not grown for quite sometime in terms of what they are doing, where as self-publishing has grown over 200% in the last five years alone, and in an industry that should be growing like everything else then the traditional publishers need to re-think and see about getting on the same page or doing better than the self-publishers. But that is there current mistake such as using the gatekeepers to keep some of us out of the industry.

But the other thing to think of is that right now, it’s back to school time and for the most part book buyers are buying the staples like Catcher in the Rye, The Giver, and other classics that are put in the classrooms. Therefore, no new books will be publishing until after October or November just in time for Christmas. Then it will fall again until about April or May and keep going until the middle part of July. Yes, they have market trends like every other industry and that is something that we have to keep track of also whether we are self-publishing or traditional publishing.

Getting back to our writer friend, I gave him a simple piece of advice and that is to learn from the mistakes that were done with his first piece and to try harder with his second piece. Further, he can fix the problems that he had with the first and he can republish it as a new edition when he is ready. But he also needs to market what he is putting out there so that he can find the readers that are interested in his work.

I hope that you find this helpful with what you are looking for when it comes to your writing and your decisions about what to do with your projects. Until next time, I hope that you have a wonderful writing day!

Another way to view Characters

I know that I have spoke about characters before but I recently found a new take on the subject. I probably haven’t mentioned it before, but I am an avid fan of soap operas, such as The Young and the Restless. Just as a fore warning this post does contain some spoilers.

But getting back to my love of soap operas, we see characters as both from a viewer/reader perspective but also as a writer. We see characters as those that we have put a lot of thought and work into. We see characters as those that we use merely as tools in other words when we think of thrillers or mysteries there is always that one character that has to be as the sacrificial lamb and have to die to move the story further. Let’s face it for without their death, there wouldn’t be a mystery or a crime that needed to be solved. Then there are the villains that we are miserable people and we hope that they meet a ruthless end for all the horrible things that they have done.

However, based on this principle as writers that we pour so much into these characters, what if we have readers that hate our characters with a passion but as writers we love them? Well, let’s get back to one of my favorite soaps, The Young and the Restless. Currently, one of the story lines is that there was a car crash that has left one of these hated characters on her deathbed because there was too much damage to save her. We know as viewers based on the information that we have that she is going to die. It’s her fate in life. Granted, for those that are avid fans, we pay attention to news feeds and spoilers that the actor/actress who plays this character is leaving the show, and that was announced a few months ago.

But in the last week of the show, the viewers that hated her so much and wanted her to leave or die are now left with the fact that they actually liked her. Why? The reason is that the writers changed the perspective of making her sweet, kind, and all the things that she was not during her time on the show. Did this change my mind on her character? You bet it did. I was sucked into actually liking this character and wishing that she was leaving and that her character wasn’t dying to leave her loved ones to morn for her passing.

This subject was put on one of the many soap groups that I’m a member of on Facebook. I commented with the following: The writers are making us pay for the way that we treated this character, and therefore they played their hand well. Well, played writers.

Yes, this is what I said. I said that the writers played their hand well. But not only did they make the viewers feel guilty for what they had said about this character, but also the other characters that treated this character badly. I think that this shows us as writers, that when our readers hate our characters, we can get them back by saying, “I’m going to make you like this character in their final moments.”

Now, I’m going to change the perspective again. By mentioning a character that everyone wanted to die originally on Game of Thrones and that is Prince Joffery. Yes, he treated Sansa poorly and was a disgusting human being, granted he was nothing like Ramsey Bolton. But still he had his moments where we wanted him to get what he deserved. However, then we think about his death, where he was poisoned did he actually deserve that kind of death?

I mean really think about it, as Lady Olena stated in her last speach, “I had never seen the poison work before. It must have been horrible to watch as a king’s guard but more as a father. Lips red, skin purple, vile spilling, him clawing at his throat.”

Take that all in and that scene of him dying with everything else that we know about the character, did he actually deserve this? Sure, I cheered like most everyone else when he died. But then when you take in her speech, he didn’t fully deserve it. Now Ramsey Bolton, on the other hand, yes, he deserved what he got. No, question asked. He deserved to be mauled to death by his dogs that he had not fed for days.

Granted, not every character’s death should make us readers feel bad or guilty for the way that we have been made to feel about them. But as writer’s there is a certain connection that we have with them. Good or other wise, they are like our children and as such we feel protective of them. We don’t want to hear bad things said about our characters and we do like any parent we want to make those pay for what they have done and said. This should be given some thought when we are setting our characters out into the world. But at the same time, will we be strong enough to play our cards close at hand and make our readers pay for all the nasty things that they have said about them in the past and make them care about them in their last moments?

We all have to make decisions about our stories, and we can have more leeway on this subject when we are writing a series versus a stand-alone book. Although, we can give another layer when we think about character and that is what will my reader think about them?

I hope that this helps your writing on this day. Until next time I hope that you have a great writing day!

#cockygate…update? or Breaking News?

I’m going to start today’s post with news,  big news that we have all been waiting for and in case you haven’t heard, we can all rejoice in the streets. The news that we can celebrate is that #cockygate is over! Yes, it is finally over and why you might ask. Let’s star off by saying that a settlement has been reached and Faleena Hopkins and her attorney’s have pulled her two trademark claims. So what does this mean? We can use the word “cocky” in titles, on covers, and in sentences.

I mean it feels great to be able to say that out loud that #cockygate is over!!!

Disconnecting the Network of Possibility

This morning, while I didn’t have any network and while most of us would have died at the thought. But instead, I took the time to create a powerpoint presentation. On that presentation, I really thought about what my vision, my mission, my goals for all things that are for my company. Granted, I was only thinking about my company and this dream that I have to help not only myself but other writers as well with their aspirations for their own works of writing.

My biggest takeaway from this exercise is that, while there were a couple, is that when we take away the connection that we have to the rest of world, we are able to do incredible things. We can use the tools that we have at our fingertips and we can use the tools that we were told that we have since we were children. Not to take things down the road that says we can do anything when we use our imagination. But it’s totally true.

Using your imagination can pave the way for great things to be created and for things to come. As writers, we are told that the biggest tool that can do so many incredible things is our imagination. It is with us for all of our lives. It’s awoken when we get inspired, and it keeps going and going like our heart and our brain. Now granted, there are those that say that there is a muse that feeds our imagination and that is how we know that he or she is there guiding us. I’m not going to say that there is no such thing as a muse, but we don’t find out about the muse until we are older.

If you think about it and concentrate on it, we are told about imagination, dreams, and heart. Then we are older that message continues and then the muse is added to the mix. But if we truly believe in the power of the muse, then wouldn’t it be added to the mix like saying that the muse gives live or feeds our imagination or our dreams and that is what gives both a heart and a soul to everything that we create or write.

While I was working on the powerpoint presentation of nine slides, the one thing that came to find is that I know what my message is and how I want to continue to spread it. The message is simple and it goes back to my logo for Moonspinner3 Books. I want to great magic, I want to use my imagination and I want to be creative. While doing all of this I can great, I can write, I can grow, and I can inspire.

So why don’t we all take a little bit of time to disconnect from the network and think about what we are able to do with one single spark of inspiration. I hope that this helps make you have a great writing day!