Welcome to Faerie Rose Press

Hello and welcome to Faerie Rose Press! Where to begin? Well the beginning of course, writing has always been a passion of mine and I’ve been working on my debut novel, The Raven Prophecy, for the last thirteen years. You may think that is a long time to be working on a novel, but first when the initial idea came for the novel I was just starting college, and I graduated college. Then to continue on that I started my career and then I found a new love, which has been raising alpacas and llamas. But I have always stuck with writing this novel. This novel has been a passion, an obsession, and a love for the last thirteen years.

My goals are to one finish and complete this novel. I should say not just to finish and complete the novel but to also publish my novel. Now I know that you must be thinking that I’m crazy for sticking to this novel for the last thirteen years, but you must understand that as a writer, you have to be dedicated to your story, and I’m totally 100% dedicated to this novel.

Furthermore, in being dedicated to writing this novel, I also came up with a publishing company to publish my book. Yes, Faerie Rose Press. The reason for the name is one that I’m a fantasy fiction writer. I love fantasy and I thought that the press would also show that it is a fantasy publishing company as well as in the slogan: Where stories are not just writen for Faeries.

Overall, I hope on this site that I can show my love for writing as well as let you know how my novel is going. I also hope to share my knowledge with other writers that have aspiring dreams of writing and publishing their own works of writing.

I hope that this introduction was informative, but if you want to know more, comment or send a notification that you want to make contact.

Until then good night!

I’m back…

I would like to star again by apologizing for not being on here for a while. But I was taking a bit of a break from writing. I know that’s bad, but I was getting ready for shearing season. The alpacas got sheared on Sunday and now I’m getting back to writing, and above all trying to get back to giving advice on writing. Also, things are happening in the writing community besides #cockygate that are having an effect on us writers.

I would say at this point, pay very close attention to what Amazon is currently doing in the next couple of weeks or even the next month. Amazon makes most of its changes during the month of July so any policy changes will be taking effect then. I do know of a couple of changes that Amazon is going to be putting in place, such as when you release a book you can only have 5 advanced copies. Anything more than 5 will have to be purchased or your readers will have to purchase so that they can leave a review of the book. One reason for this change is that there are so-called scammers, who would get over 1,000 advanced copies and would say that they are advanced copies and those readers would put out reviews. This was giving a disadvantage to those that could not get a whole lot of advanced copies. Therefore, Amazon is trying to make it fair for all.

Granted, there are bad and good things to come from this change. But there are other changes that may be taking place too, as I said before that will affect us, writers. As for readers, they are also becoming aware of the changes that are coming into play for us and some are like it’s good to know information and there are others that really don’t care. That’s fine, but right now our job as writers is to assure our readers that what we are doing is not changing, for we are still going to be putting up content and writing the stories that they want to read.

In other news, there is so much discussion going on with traditional publishers, indie publishers, vanity presses and the like that I want to write a post on this. The issue that it boils down to is that you and me, as writers trying to publish our works, should not have to pay a so-called “publisher” to publish our books, and therefore, some of these different avenues for publishing are considered as scams. So when I get into that it will probably be lengthy, as we as writers, even first time published authors should not be taken advantage of.

So I know that you are all probably wondering about The Raven Prophecy. The book itself is still being written, the front cover is done, for I do not have any more desire to re-make my front cover. But I have also been spending some time making/working on the back cover, which I will put down below both the front and back cover images. Overall, I just got back to working on the draft, for I last touched it on May 27. Trust me, when I say looking at it again it’s been a while but on the bright side, I knew where I left off so I wasn’t lost again.

As much as I say this, I’m back and I want to get more content on here about writing, what is going on in the writing world, what is going on with my writing, and furthermore some tricks and tips that we as writers can take on with our projects. But I must say that I’ve missed you all and hope that you will look forward to what I have in store to share with all of you.

So here is the latest design for the front cover and the back cover:

The Raven Prophecy-new14-page-001The Raven Prophecy Back Cover 9-page-001

The Line in the Sand…#cockgate

Hello, my friends, I’m sorry that I have not been on here for a while, and that is because I have been hard at work on The Raven Prophecy. That’s right, for I’m currently still working very hard on The Raven Prophecy. I will get to the latest updates later in this post; however, there is something more important that needs to be discussed.


If you have not heard, my dear writing friends and members of the writing community, there is a writer by the name of Faleena Hopkins, who is an independent author that publishes/writes her novels in the romance genre. The name of her series is called the Cocker Brother series, which she has now trademarked. This is fine for that is part of her brand; however, she has now trademarked the word “Cocky” in a font that she does not own or had permission from the makers of the font to trademark.

The other part  of this claim/made up ownership of the word “Cocky” is that this woman is writing letters to any author that has the word “Cocky” in the title of their book and asking them to stop using the word “Cocky” and to change their title, cover, and any part that uses the word “Cocky.”  This is not just for new titles of novels that have the word “Cocky” in them but also previously published works that were published before 2016. This is what the writing community has been dealing with over the weekend. Granted, I’m pleased to say that the Romance Writers Association (RWA) is getting involved and their lawyers are also helping any other that has received a letter from Faleena Hopkins.

There are many points, that have been made by authors across the community on Twitter, and Facebook for the most part. There have even been a few that have expressed themselves on Amazon in the reviews comments and one book got so many negative reviews that she closed the comment section down for that book. But on the other hand, her readers are also going after any author that went after Faleena and also made comments on these author’s books as well.

There are so many ways that this is getting out of hand. I agree that a stance needs to be taken on her trademark of the word “Cocky” and the font that she is also claiming is hers, which it is not. Secondly, this is not only troubling for the romance genre industry for any industry of fiction, for it means that we have to check to make sure that every word that we use in our titles is not copyrighted or trademarked. Thirdly, from an independent author and publisher stance, there is just more than just making a few little changes for it takes time and money. Fourth, I’m upset that her readers are out there calling us bullies when their beloved author is being a bully to writers first. Fifth, what she is doing is so wrong on so many levels.

I should include in this conversation as to her reason for why she is doing this, it’s because her readers have complained that they lost money for they bought books that were not her’s. Okay, the answer there is that if the reader can’t see her name on the cover then they should not have bought the book in the first place. She also states that so many romance authors are copying her. Sorry, that doesn’t fly either when you look at so many romance novels and they look almost the same except for the title, the font of the title and the author’s name. All you have to do is do a search in google for romance novel covers and dozens if not hundreds will pop up and some of them will look the exact same, except for the changes listed above.

To end this discussion, I have some choice words for Ms. Faleena Hopkins:

Dear Ms. Hopkins,

Welcome, to the writing community but please, take your shit and leave. You are not a productive member to the writing community, and your “loyal” readers not productive readers to the reading community. You have called us writers, even the ones that never you knew you until you popped up with your ridiculous claim over a word that has been used in the dictionary and a thousand other places for hundreds of years.

You have no real claim over the word and to futher the point, your readers must know how to find your name on the cover of your books. If this the way that you want spend your money, then fine spend your money but you are not only hurting yourself but you are hurting others as well, and that also goes from an ethical point as well.

Futhermore, as another author put it, you not only burt the bridge but you destroyed it. You are not better than dirt at this point, and I hope you enjoy being there. Please, don’t come to any writing functions, for if you do you will find several drinks and food thrown at your face. Please, leave the community and never return. Also may karma bit you in the ass.

Sincerly yours,

Faerie Rose Press.

Sorry, if I ranted it just there, but this woman just has to know that the community is not small and she should also stop thinking that she is the only author in the romance genre, or in the writing world.

Dear reader, if you would like to learn more about this issue, please, google the term cockygate hashtag and it will be explained more in general. As far as she herself goes she is one nasty piece of work and she is playing the victim rather well. But it doesn’t fly when you are hurting the community not helping.

Here is a current update on The Raven Prophecy:

I would like to start this update by saying that I’m editing the parts that I have written so far and retweaking a new draft, which includes new chapter headings and new cover and title pages. I know in the past that I said that I would not re-do my cover but I have and this is the last and final time that the cover will ever be worked on. So here they are one is for the paperback/hardcover and one is for the e-book:

The Raven Prophecy-new14-page-001   The-Raven-Prophecy-new14-page-001-ConvertImage

Thank you for joining me today and I hope that you will continue to follow the updates on #cockygate and my updates for The Raven Prophecy.

Things to Think about when it comes to your Book

This morning, I got a call from a publisher, granted I signed up on the sight for information about a couple of years ago. Let’s preface this conversation, with at the time that I signed up it was way before I had any of the knowledge that I have now. Anyways, I was talking about The Raven Prophecy, and where I was currently in the story, and I gave all the details of how many pages I had so far, the word count etc.

Also, I talked about the premises of the book and where it came from, how it started and the first thing that he said, “You sound like you are going for a series and you have some interesting detail.” Granted, I never thought that The Raven Prophecy could be a series, but I guess if I had to depend on the length of the book, I could make it into a series.

Then we started talking numbers, and this gave me some more things to think about in terms when it comes to my book. Granted, at some point, I would have to pay for an editor, which I already knew that part of the equation. Then there is the design of the book, which I pretty much have made as I went along as I was typing/writing the story.

There is just a part of me that wants to go, here I have done part of the work just help me out to get to where it is polished. I know that from publishers, the point of view is that there is a lot that goes into a book from the typeface, fonts, size of fonts, book size, type of paper, etc. I mean this is also things that we as self-publishers also have to keep in mind, which to a point I have.

Granted, the submission rules are totally different went seeking an agent/ traditional publisher, and if I was going down that way I would have to change how my manuscript feels and looks. But I’m not quite ready to go down that road since this book is like my baby.

Granted, like a baby it has taken me time to get to this point in the story and writing it and maturing it. I guess that I’m not quite to the point when I’m ready to let it out into the world and allow it to fly. Yes, I know sooner or later, it will need to take wings and fly but its just not right now

I’m having fun writing the book, and that is something we as all writers should be experiencing as we take pen to paper or fingers to keyboard as we dream about someday having our manuscript published. But as we dream we don’t think about the hurdles that we will have to deal with as we work and think about our dreams, for that is the part that we don’t want to think about, such as the possible rejection or the cost that comes with our baby.

But should we have to think about the cost that will come when we are already putting so much into it? I mean really think about, we have already poured breath, sweat, tears and maybe some blood into the soul of the book. However, as of today I will put a bit more of myself into my book and keep dreaming about being published and finding my book on the shelves of a bookstore.

The Troubles That Come with Being a Writer

Yesterday, while I was working on The Raven Prophecy, which I’m like two pages away from being on page 200, I received a call from a writing buddy of mine, who asked me to come meet them for a discussion about my book and their book. They wanted a second pair of eyes to look at it. I agreed to this meeting of the minds, and while we were talking about some of the difficulties that he was having with his story, I addressed some of the difficulties that I was having while writing The Raven Prophecy. He expressed his surprise for he thought that I had it all figured out and was on such a role.

I agreed with him to a point, until I stated that there were some of the finer details of the inner workings that were giving me trouble. He agreed with that point when I started pointing them out to him, then he stated that he figures that all writing projects can give writers their own share of troubles.

As he put it we have trouble with our characters doing what we want them to, we have troubles with trying to make sure that our story goes where we want it to go, we have troubles with finding the balance between the details and the other parts that go into a story. At the same time, we are trying to keep up with tenses, and the other rules that come with writing a novel.

I told him that while I agreed with him on that aspect of writing, but it is what also makes writing fun. He agreed with me up until he said as writers we should not be torturing ourselves with the craft that we enjoy so much. But I said to him, “But to be an artist means that we must suffer.”

That’s when he thought that we should change the subject and talk about book covers. Is problem is that he enjoys looking at them but he has a hard time making them, whereas he pointed out I don’t have much of a hard time doing it based on the previously drafted covers for The Raven Prophecy.

Then when I admitted that I was working on the back cover and the spine for the book, he rolled his eyes and asked me to show it too him. I did and he said that I should post it out there so that again it can be gazed upon. But when I told him that I made a promise he said just put it out there.

So as he has requested here is the full design cover that I worked on last night, which still has some tweaks that need to be made:

Full book cover

Another Update on The Raven Prophecy

At the end of last week, I gave a current update on how The Raven Prophecy was going and on that day I was at page 150. Well, as of today I’m almost at page 200. Yeah, those fifty pages went rather quickly to include a couple of extensive writing of the passages of the one religion that is part of the focus of the book.

Let me start by saying that while I was creating it and writing about, I was having fun doing it.  But after spending all day Friday writing it, I was exhausted by the end of the day.  I was overjoyed beyond belief to be exploring writing as I have never done before. Although, if I ever created the chances again to explore this sort of thing, I would be more than up for the challenge.

Then on Saturday, the day after I was writing about religion that is in the world of The Reaven Prophecy, I went back to what we were talking about romance and I included a very extensive scene of love-making between two of my characters. Again it was very much exciting for me to explore what I have read from others that have written romance and be able to correlate it within the breadths of what I’m writing.

To say that I’m feeling newly energized is an understatement for I’m feeling like I’m breathing life into the very soul of my book. Granted, this book, as I have said before, has been a work in progress for the last fourteen years but I’m feeling that I can accomplish what I want for this piece of work.

I’m feeling excited to see where this work takes the written word and my knowledge about writing, which is one of the many joys that a writer can get from writing.


Update on the Raven Prophecy

First, I must apologize for not posting anything is past week on here, but I have a really good reason and that is that I have been enthralled in working on The Raven Prophecy. Yes, for most of this week I have been working a great deal on The Raven Prophecy to include I made a major milestone of making it to page 150 and over on my current version of my manuscript.

This includes inducting some points from previous drafts of the novel, but now that I have finished with that major task, now it is writing and making notes on the draft going forward.

I feel right now that I’m making strides in the manuscript and am pleased with where I am currently. The novel is far from complete for it is still a work in progress. Granted, I know at some point that I should start thinking about Camp Nanowrimo, which is next month, but even with camp upon us, I am still going to be taking that month to work on The Raven Prophecy.

I know usually when I post an update on the novel, there is also a new cover design but I must say as of right now, I have no desire to create a new cover. But if there should be a new cover design will post it here first. However, as of right now I don’t need a new cover for The Raven Prophecy.

Although, I will post this right now, that I feel that I’m working towards my goal of having a completed first draft of the novel before the end of this year. But to make that a reality I have to stay on top of it and part of my goal for today is to continue writing and working on my novel.


The Problems with the Lion Guard

The first Friday of March has arrived and this weekend is the Oscars. One month ago we were getting ready for the Super Bowl. Man, does time fly and but this is all for not. Lately, like this past week, I’ve been taking care of my nephew, who has been under the weather. But while I’ve been taking care of him I have been watching one of his favorite shows The Lion Guard.

The Lion Guard if you did not know is the latest take or installment on The Lion King saga. The Lion King, which I have referred to as Disney’s Hamlet has a new installment, which is not based on any work of Shakespeare, for it is own story with some of the original characters like Simba and Nala. Well, lately they have been going down the storyline that Scar, Simba’s uncle, was brought up back to “life” although his life is just merely living as smoke and fire in a volcano.

Does this remind anyone of anything of a villain, who is not like their former self? Let’s say Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter or Sauron in the Lord of the Rings. However, Lord Voldemort became much like his former self once he had help from a former servant to make him hole again, the issue with Scar is that his minions, the hyenas in the Lion Guard, who are not the original hyenas, either forgot or were never told that Scar sort of betrayed them by saying that they were the ones that had the original plot to murder Mufasa and Simba.

I get that this a show geared towards children, but as an adult watching this I’m going where there things missing from the hyenas’ folklore such as Scar is not be trusted because of x, y, and z. Or was in the hyenas’ mind like “Scar is dead no need to tell our future generations of what he did.” I mean something is amiss.

Granted, Simba as King exiled a lot of herds such as the hyenas and Scar’s pride, which was the story behind Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, and since he exiled them they want revenge against Simba and the royal family. I get it Simba was betrayed by his uncle, who was supposed to take care of him in the event that anything happened to his mother or father, but instead, his uncle plotted to murder Mufasa and him. But on the other hand, you would have better relationships if you have had made amends with those. Granted, they were probably loyal to Scar more than Simba but now you are teaching the next generation to do the same thing.

I get it the Pride Lands are for the “good animals” that respect the circle of life and the Outlands, or the shadowy place is for the “bad animals.” But when watching this show, in your adult mind you’re thinking, “So Simba you banished those loyal to Scar, are you going to banish your son for accidentally bringing back forth your uncle, who currently resides as smoke and flame in a volcano?”

I mean the question has to ask and it needs to be answered, because if you forgive him then somewhere he will have to forgive those that were at one point loyal to Scar. Just saying. I mean as an adult watching this, I’m going what are you going to say when the kids watching now get older, that we left plot holes or we were never going to go that far with the story. Sorry, for me that is not the answer as a writer. As writer’s, we are told that we have to make our readers satisfied with the outcome of the story and I’m hoping that there is a great outcome coming from The Lion Guard to live up to its predecessor The Lion King, and The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride.

Monthly Review for February

On the last day of this month, I thought that I would go over what we have been up to at Faerie Rose Press. Well, to start, I would like to thank everyone for their support and comments throughout the past month, as we focused on the genre of Romance. This included a week-long focus on the many adaptations that have been out on film of Romeo and Juliet and another week-long focus on the different subgenres of romance.

I also read a couple of books and did some reviews on this site. Also this month I changed Writer’s First Source from being a page to being a weekly post. This has been given greater attention to the information provided.

I also spent part of the month working on a new writing project. It’s like espionage meets romance, which would be in part a thriller romance. It’s only a few pages so far and I have yet to come up with a title. Part of the idea came from the trailer for Jennifer Lawrence’s new film, The Red Sparrow. This project so far has been fun to write as well as to discover a new character.

I also must admit that I did no work on The Raven Prophecy, Ravages of Time, or The Zodiac Tower. The reason for this was that I was busy discovering new information that I did not know about when it comes to the romance genre so that I could have enough information for the daily posts.

With March upon us, I would like to spend the month going back to doing normal posts on writing and different techniques that can be used for writing. I sort of feel that was missing this month, while I focused on romance.

As always I thank you for the support and I hope that you will continue to tune in for more information.

Romance and Teenage Readers

As February winds down which means that we are starting to come down to the end of romance month. but before it comes to end, I thought that it would be fun to talk about when should young girls start reading romance novels. I have talked on here before about keeping in mind about the age of our readers while we work on our stories. Most girls from what I have found usually start reading romance novels when they are about 12 or 13.

While some may think that this is young, I feel that it’s about that right age when you really look at what is on the market for teens in the young adult section of the bookstore. Most young adult romances might be geared towards those that are usually about 15 or 16 or maybe older but that does not mean that younger teens might not find these titles intriguing.

I can remember being in college and taking children’s literature with a delightful teacher who was also a librarian in Boulder for a middle school. One day she brought up how students were checking out this one book in particular from the library. Having her curiosity peeked she decided to take the book home and read it. She said that she was surprised to find out that this book was being checked out because of the sex that was in the book. Granted, she also did not know how the book in question got into the library but when she decided to remove the book from her library she got in trouble not only for censorship but for removing a popular book from the shelves.

When she explained why she removed the book from the library, the students brought up the point that the book while containing a certain topic got them to read. She wanted to argue with them about it, but she couldn’t deny that the students were reading. She said that her solution to the dilemma was simple she would have more romance novels in the library, and would only let the students check out the books if the parents approved the reading material. One parent, she said, came to the library and saw the romance section and told her that she was smart for listening to what the students wanted. But as my teacher told her, true I might have given them what they wanted but I got what I wanted in return and that was for the students to be reading.

Now some may say that this is not what is needed but on the other hand, it was getting books into students hands and they were reading them. It’s not different then when there was the Harry Potter craze or the Twilight years, or even in some cases the Hunger Games. The point is that if young, teenage girls want to read romances let them read romances since 55% of what is being marketed to them has some sort of romance between the covers and this may or may not include sex (just saying).

Writer’s First Source: Shondaland

Welcome back to another edition of Writer’s First Source Wednesday and on today’s edition, we are talking about Shondaland. If you don’t know what Shondaland is then let me tell you about. Ever heard of Scandal? How to Get away with Murder? How about Grey’s Anatomy? If you have then you already know about Shondaland. If you haven’t then let me clue you in on something that we as writers should be paying attention to.

Shondaland, which was created by Shonda Rhimes, has been going on strong for years with Grey’s Anatomy. Why? Well, it has to do with the great stories that she brings to the small screen. If you ever want to study relationships between characters on screen and I’m not talking about your typical relationships, I’m talking about messy, dirty, complicated relationships. The ones that we know are going to be a big mess and we watch anyway to see how the relationships are going to work.

Granted, Shondaland has had a few faults along the way but the ones that last really deal with those messy relationships such as Scandal‘s Olivia Pope and the President. Or how about Grey’s Anatomy Meredith Grey and Doctor McDreamy. The relationships are messy, and at times split apart but when they are back on, magic happens and we can learn a lot from Shondaland on how to make more out of a character when we think that we know it all.

Even more so we can learn about making our characters say great speeches that hook us in and make us stay for the fallout. That is what great writing is, hooking the reader and making us stay for the fallout and seeing who survives in the end. That is why today I’m focusing on Shondaland for we can carry over what she shows us and take it over to the page. She is a master at what she does and she is great at it too.