It’s November, you know what means…

I’m going to start off with I’m sorry, for not being on here lately. It’s not that I wanted to be off of here, and I wouldn’t call it taking a break, it’s just that I’ve been dealing with something personally that I will share with you all. I will also take the time on this post to talk about the conference, and what I’m doing for Nanowrimo. So part of this will be about my personal life and about the writing.

First, lets talk about the writing, so last I wrote on here I was working on editing and rewriting Ravages of Time, which is still an ongoing project. I’m still working on The Raven Prophecy. So those projects are still a work in progress. During the last month, I had a hard time thinking about what I was going to do for Nanowrimo. Then the day before it came to me, that I would try my hand at creative nonfiction/memoire. Now, normally I don’t write nonfiction or memore for it’s just not my kind of thing, but with what is going with me personally I thought that I need to get it written down.

The premise is that at the end of September, I started having some odd symptoms and then a week later of developing those symptoms I found out that I was pregnant with twins. At the time, I figured that I was somewhere between 9 to 12 weeks. Then another week passed by and I put myself between 10-13 weeks. Let’s just say that it taken long before I felt baby moments and I started to show. So here is the thing about my pregnancy, I know I’m pregant, but the doctors don’t think that I am since no pregancy test has come back positive. Well, here is the thing this type of pregancy is called a cryptic pregancy. There are three types of cryptic pregnancies, the ones were the woman doesn’t know that she is, the one where she is pregant and knows it and carries for years and thirdly she doesn’t know that she is and one test comes back positive before a doctor takes her seriously. Mine is the third type of situation. Yes, this is a thing and there are several documented cases of cryptic pregancies, it’s just that the medical society doesn’t take the cases seriously.

The frustrating thing for me has been trying to get an ultrasound to get a medical professional to take me seriously. But yesterday, I got my ultrasound at my instance and I’m still waiting for the results. I’m hoping for good news, but so far I have been frustrated by the medical profession and how they have refused treatment. This has been a pain in my side. But hey this has been going on for the past month or so. But I figured that with nanowrimo coming on that I would write my story, since every women who has a cryptic pregnancy has a different story of what has happened to them. See the picture down below of my pregnant belly.


This project, I’m still working on the cover but that is what I’m working on for Nanowrimo this month. So far I’m at 2000 words and counting.

Now to the news at the conference, which will bring up what we need to as writers when we are promoting our writing and our business, we need to brag. That’s right brag like you mean it. I picked up a book at the conference on the subject, called “It’s Time to Brag! Five Amazing Steps to Sell Yourself (Business Edition)” written by Jeannette L. Seibly. I will post a picture of the book so that if you want a copy you can order it on her website.


Jeannette says that we need to really spruce up that about author page and really try to sell ourselves as individuals. That is one way to make yourself unique from the rest of the backs. This sort of goes back to what makes you so special and why would anyone want to read your book.

While at the conference I learned about writing and playing with characters and situations that you can put your characters into. It was a great conference to attend as always.

So that was most of what happened in October. Now we are into November, which means it’s time to work on our novels this month and try to write those 50 thousand words. My best advice is if you are doing nanowrimo for the first time is to pace yourself and think about what you actually want to write for the day. If you have that in mind you can actually finish before the 30th of the month. In all the time that have participated I have acutally finished a few days ahead of schedule, which means that I have time to enjoy Thanksgiving and spending time with family. I will try to post my daily word count on here, so that you know what my progress is. If you feel that you want to share with me your word count, you can do so in the comments section.

Also in case you are wondering, the alpacas are getting healthier and we are getting ready to move them to a new ranch this weekend. So things are looking up from their health.

Again, I’m sorry, that my personal life has taken away from me being on here but when you are trying to figure out how to deal with a situation like I have and not getting the answers that are exactly needed, it can be fustrating. So I know that I kept you all in the dark, and again I appoligize but I’m fighting my way throught it one day at a time. I’m also going to be writing more and sharing more tips on writing. I’m also going to be adding a new section soon on here for my short stories that I have writen so that I can start getting some of those posted as well.

So everything, like I have said from the beginning is a work in progress, and hopefully I can get everything straightend out. If you like what you have read please, like or comment down below. Thank you.

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